A Poem For Our Awakening

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A Poem For Our Awakening

What is the difference 

Between knowing All is Divine 

And walking the line 

With Chosen Purpose 

To discover the ways it can be better? 

If every letter of every word of our stories 

Is written in the stars first, 

Can we ever be at fault for our thirst to Become? 

To wrap our fists around the lifeline of desire 

And let its fire pull us through Inferno  

Hoping for the glory of satisfaction 

To bless us at the end of our struggle. 

Praying for moments of clarity 

Of inspiration and bliss 

To guide us through the mire of shallow vanities 

That we must often wade through in order to find  

What beats beneath,  

Pulsing the Truth through our veins, 

The rhythm of life-force energy that 

Pushes us along through the game. 


Allow us  

To take time to Listen for this music. 

Deep within our souls, 

It moves us in ways we may never predict. 

Allow us 

To be grateful for the surprise 

To greet it with eyes of curiosity 

To dance the tender improvisation 

With ultimate Authenticity 

And Generosity. 

Allow us 

To be a part of this Sacred Tapestry 

Both as weavers 

And as threads. 

Allow us 

To put our heads together 

As Dreamers 

As Visionaries 

As Believers in Magic and Possibility 

And Create the Way Forward. 

Allow us 

To be Brave 

And Innovative. 

Allow us  

To live with Love 

And honor all the ways this can show up. 

Allow us 

To feed Each Other 

As well as we feed ourselves, 

With fruits of Pure Compassion. 

Allow us 

To embrace our passion 

And Fiercely rage against all Injustice. 

Allow us  

To fight for freedom For All 

Knowing Divided we Fall 

Allow us 

To plant seeds for the ones we will never see. 

Allow us 

To simply Be. 

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