Asking for help, a Millenial's perspective.

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Asking for help, a Millenial's perspective.

To preface this blog I will say this is just my perspective and thoughts and my personal journey. 

I was born in October of 1985, ahhhh the 80's what a time of rebellion. Growing up in the smack middle of the 90's I quickly tried to fall in line with everyone else, I definitely didn't want to be different. My older siblings were off to college before I even hit middle school, weekend getaways to soccer games to watch my sister compete. I learned a lot from her, work hard in school and you'll get a scholarship for college. Work even harder and you'll get the job of your dreams, that job will introduce you to the love of your life, you'll buy a house with that degree and a family is sure to follow.

Oh America how you've tainted thee. Flash forward to this Meso-American day in age. I'm 33, I live in a van, luckily with an amazing creature who has definitely conjured a better ability to adjust. But let's get down to the nitty gritty of it all. 

In the last 18 years I have worked and worked and worked and watched this country project downward on the slide of life. It's a tall swirly red one,

just like in the school yard of the private christian school I grew up in. Where the golden rule "do unto others" is a constant reckoning. I loved climbing all the way to the top and jumping into the slide releasing the bar and letting go to the unknown.  Woooooo my curly hair would fly through the air until I hit the bottom where inevitably I would get in trouble for being too happy. 

That giant red swirly slide is the best example of the American let down, and our inability to ask for help even when we're drowning. Climbing to the top is what we are designed to do, you get tired along the way but it's just one step at a time. Taking pause to see the higher views, looking around to see other options from a different focal point. As you climb higher and higher feeling so free, you quickly and abruptly are paused by an ASS in your face. No matter how hard you try you can't get around it, you can't slide past, or pardon your way through. All you can do is wait, wait, wait, or ask for help.

Asking for help has turned into such a negative in this society that it no longer holds value with almost anyone-- especially family.  That is my focal point in this blog. 

For centuries the human race has played a continuous game of build build build and pass on to your heirs. But here we are in 2019 the height of technology at our fingertips, ability to grow organisms from plastic and create antibiotics for deadly diseases. But in all of this awesome beauty we have lost our humanity and can't be bothered to just help.

We have recently found ourselves in a position of inability, which is hard to say. Not for lack of trying, but with the constrainsts of never having a savings. We've come to enjoy the simplicity of just living, minimizing our carbon foot print. We eat vegan (mostly local unless not an option), we have a very small trash impact and clean up after far too many. We live off solar power and only have bills to keep us legal and connected to society. We live off the beauty of the sunshine and greet it each day with a loving embrace and thank it for shining today. We take pause with each beautiful tree we pass sometimes stopping to give it a hug and let it know that we haven't forgotten everything it does for the earth. We are grateful to the lives lost by so many, especially the native lives lost to tyranny. 

But still the hardest thing to do is simply ask for help. Because asking for help admits defeat and gives way for the avalanche of opinions. Just get a job (which we have many) just save your money, just get a place. As if any of these are snappable for immediate existence. But even from family, heaven forbid we ask help from family to negate paying thousands extra in finance costs.  But it is just that, you'd hope at least your family could lend some kind of hand, they've never had to bail me out of jail or not gotten paid back before. I'm not a beaten down junky or a lazy slop, I work hard for everything I love, and I love to help. 

So yes we're asking for help but not from family, not from strangers, but from deep within, to trust ourselves that our ability is stronger than the defeat this country has left us in.  What I would love most is for my generation to dig deep and find themselves, find the ability in us all to overcome what this society has left us with and turn it into a future WE are proud of.


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