From Vanmping to Camping, and Building a Bridge of Support

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From Vanmping to Camping, and Building a Bridge of Support

The Gorge Amphitheater
As we approach our next adventure, it’s really exciting to take a step back to our roots with camping in a tent at this weekends Above and Beyond weekender experience with our favorite crew.  Now that we’ve been housebound for a couple weeks we're getting our supplies together for a road trip to the Gorge in Washington state, where the views are spectacular and the music travels beyond sound.  Neither of us have ever ventured this far North West so we are incredibly excited for something new, and are incredibly grateful for the opportunity. As we were deciding our plans for this trip, typically we would say, “Van’s already loaded” but this time it’s not so easy. 
This is a LONG trip from the High Desert in Victorville, where we have come to love the beautiful drive to L.A. when we need to be in the city, and the calm starry nights with silence as we sleep. We decided with the help of some of our friends that we would drive their sports car instead, making the 18+ hour drive a little different.  
As you may know from previous posts or personal knowledge, working in Harm Reduction isn’t the most financially rewarding “job.”  And like most people we still live paycheck to paycheck or gig to gig as I like to say. The want and drive to experience new things while I can is strong, and we’ll pretty much do whatever we have to do, to continue helping where we can in our Harm Reduction journey.  
Christine, Priscilla, Ty and Emily (from left to right)
This decision came randomly as we were enjoying a new custom of “Family Dinner Friday” where we trade off dinner and enjoy the company of great friends and create the community we all desperately need. 
While sitting around homemade Vegan Sushi we learned of the opportunity through our company, but our friends were already going as attendees.  After reading through our entire email (super important) we figured out the dates and info.  They then offered up the idea “Why don’t you just take our car?”
The idea was quickly met with an automatic yes!! This lent us the ability to afford the gas to and from the venue, but would also help them out considerably.  Since they already had flights purchased, they would need to rent a car to drive from the Seattle Airport to the Gorge which is roughly 3 hours from the Venue.  Let’s be real--we ALL know how much a 4 day car rental would be. It’s absurd, but also not necessary now, thanks to this beautiful communal love. Now not only are we going to be able to see a BEAUTIFUL drive to the Pacific Northwest but also keep an abundance within our community.  
These are the values that we are trying to grow and expand throughout our community, that sharing is actually caring.  Think of the chain reaction and how it is positively affecting our society, lending one hand to literally help a multitude of others, times two.  What an amazing thing to witness and be a part of on so many levels, spreading love and abundance in all the right places.  
Once we arrive at the Seattle Airport we will leave the car for our friends and get picked up by another amazing human and coworker, then head to the Gorge to get setup and get rested for an amazing weekend with an amazing group of people!  Helping others is what I love most in the world, getting to take part in this ever changing scene has been a serious adventure over the past few years. 

On Another Note

While I love and adore the connections we have made, I can’t help but think how we can continue to grow this developing need to spread love and generosity to all of our brothers and sisters trying to make their way to this country seeking asylum from their distraught worlds.  Knowing we are capable of creating such greatness in a form such as Burning Man or Electric Forest, bringing countless people together for one purpose...Well, two really. It’s a balance between the music and the community, but what is music without being able to share it with the world? Personally, the friendships and countless interactions are what draw me in.  Continuously finding a way to get back and find it again, to feel safe, to feel connected, to just feel. But imagine what these families are feeling every waking hour, day and night they are away from their families. While I obviously am not suggesting to just open the gates, this is 2019. Are we not capable of comprehending this dystopic system that is forming in front of us?  We must do something! We can do something!  

While life on the news and the internet elevate our emotions into a constantly distraught state, we have to remember that we are here and stronger together than ever before.  We must keep fighting for freedom while actually embracing the freedom we as “Americans” have stolen from so many before us. The all mighty dollar is not the most valuable thing on this planet, it’s you.  You are the most valuable thing on this planet, and nothing can take that from you.
Take action, do your part and say something!
If you would like to donate to some trusted organizations here are a few that we absolutely love and support!!!

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