Getting back into the Van Life

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Getting back into the Van Life

We're Getting Back to the Van Life

After taking a break through the HOT 🔥 summer months we are heading back to the Van!! Even though out of the 3/4 months we've been here we were only around about a quarter of the time, with our festival schedule still booming we found ourselves really missing our home with us throughout our journey and adventures.

All in perfect timing! Synchronicities... 🎶 

While we knew our time would eventually come to an end in this lovely home, we were starting to get pretty comfortable. But with comfort comes complacency, and those are lines we aren't willing to cross on our mission in life.  But never fear synchronicity is here! 

While we were feeling stagnant and somewhat withdrawn from our normal life we got a call from a magical friend asking if we could come up to the Pacific Northwest for the winter! Like any good ShugaWook we immediately said yes!!! 

And just like that we had new plans, but with those new plans comes a ton of hustle and bustle!! Our next 8 weeks have quickly filled into a PACKED closing festival season.  With a wide variety of shows ranging from Harm Reduction to Art Vending, from California all the way to Orlando! 

Like magic, our plans just came together, falling piece by piece into play.  From our last show "Nocturnal Wonderland" at Glen Helen Amphitheatre in San Bernardino, Emily headed to the beatiful Lake Perris for "Same Same But Different festival" to help her friend out at the Good Vibe Guru booth slinging hoops! 

Next were off to the Catalina Islands for #GrooveIsland helping our AMAZING friends at #DanceSafe educate festival goers about drug and sexual safety. While were on the island we'll be doubling down on our volunteering by helping with #WHETconservation cleaning up the beaches!! 

Upon our return, it looks like we may be heading to #DirtyBird in Modesto Ca. To work with the #Guardianteam to being harm reduction to all those dirty birdies! Not to mention a great birthday present to myself! 

Directly after getting down to the beats we head down south to Camp Verde Az. for #Resonatefestival to vend our artwork, pendants and staffs.  We are beyond excited to be a part of this festival and share our stories and life with our community. 

Next we head back to So-Cal to bring to get the socks scared off us at #EscapePsychoCircus at the National Orange Show Center! It's always one of the hardest shows to work in the year but we are ready to go!! 

Then it's off to Orlando to get that fix from the Electric Sky of EDC! It looks like we'll be road tripping with one of our best buds through the states and definitely stopping off to see the parentals in the pan handle and definitely grab a bite to eat in Nola! We're hoping to go a bit slower on the way back and really soak up some of that southern love!

Once we're finally back on the West Coast, we'll slowly start making our way to the North!! 

Packing up Le Majíc Rally 

Realizing my time at an art table was running short, I husted to make as much new art as possible to have exactly what we need for the upcoming vending experience. 

Then came the packing...

Having packed up my art and supplies so many times I've gotten it down to a tetris masterpiece.  But being in a house we realized we had aquired sooo much extra stuff! 

Time to purge!! We immediately started sorting and gathering and eventually built a pile of necessity.  So we decided to make a short video of how we move and organize our #vanlife.  Granted it isn't the first or the last time we will do this, but every time it's just a little bit different. 

Thanks for reading our blog and checking out our shop!! 

 (Music by: Polish Ambassador - Take Wing - We do Not own the rights to this song.)



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