Let's talk about TRASH baby!!

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Let's talk about TRASH baby!!

Let's talk about TRASH baby 🎶 let's talk about YOU and ME! I assume that most people who live a concious lifestyle are probably a bit more aware of the actual trash issue we have on this planet.  But can you honestly say you don't have time to pick up trash when you see it?

When you see something on the ground, do you get the urge to pick it up but then think "but where is the trash can, I don't want to carry it that far" or "I'm not putting that in my car."  By then it's out of sight out of mind and you no longer feel that urge to just pick it up. You walk past it and your day goes on. Pretty common right? Now remember that there are 7 billion people on this planet, and most have had that exact same thought, every single day.  Now let that sink in for a moment. 

Flash forward to today, June 7th 2019 we pull up to the park we plan to hang out at today in the sunny city of North Hollywood.  It's a petty typical park, manicured grass, trash cans everywhere, people playing tennis a few lovely humans restings under a tree undisturbed by law enforcement, it's a beautiful day! 

Hop out of the van to release the doggo and what is the first thing that I see? TRASH!! Up and down the street, just into the road enough for the park to seemingly not care. It didn't seem to bad until I got out my gloves and trash bag (used at least 3 other times), I start picking up the plastic forks, bottle caps and plastic lids from the street. It's a mix of sludge from grass trimmings to palm tree peels and its now a dark brown watery consistency. 

I start noticing way more plastic throughout it all and my mind started thinking. How did this trash get to this point and how long has it been here?? But even on the sidewalk the trash looks like it had been there for ages. A plastic McDonald's lid looked completely intact until I picked it up, and as the plastic shattered and the wind attempted to steal it from my grasp, I realized that NO ONE CARES! 

Obviously that's not true because so many people do pick up the trash of others and are doing the work to clean the oceans and save the earth. But we need ALL hands on deck if we are going to survive on this planet. Put that into perspective. We have no other planet, no other place to go. 

You may think you don't have time to pick up trash, but the truth is you probably don't have time for your day job. In reality all the time people spend worrying about things like keeping their house and car maintained and full of factory produced products (aka garbage) is taking precious time away from addressing the real situation we are in.  We have less than 30 years to completely turn our lives around and move from the destruction of the earth into a rebirthing of human nature. 

20 minutes of picking up trash in a park in a city where people CONSTANTLY walk by, a city where thousands and thousands of tax payers money goes to street sweeping. What are they sweeping if it's not being carried away, because from the looks of it, it's being carried straight to the drain which we all know eventually leads to the ocean. But can I put faith in knowing that machines will filter the trash? No. No I can't but I do put my faith into each and every human on this planet and hope that each and everyone of you will find a way to change your mindset and just TAKE the time to do the right thing.  Just like they TAKE our taxes, we are going to TAKE back the earth!!

So remember when you see that piece of trash no matter how big or small, pick it up! Do your part, do what's right and pick it up. You will carry on with your day feeling amazing knowing that you had an impact on helping our world heal! 

Shout out to #lgbtqiapridemonth we need to do our part and make sure ALL the festive decorations make it to the trash!! Let's set the example, not just be an example.

 Post a picture of your trash pick up (must be at least a bag full, like pictured above) and post it on this link and I'll send you a special discount code for 50% off any purchase on theshugawooks.com 

Not only will you be saving the earth but you'll be a part of the ShugaWooks Family!! 

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