One year later!

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One year later!

The unexpected love I call life! This picture kinda says it all.. This day 1 year ago I listened to my friends.. "It'll be fun" they said.. "It's totally different than your other gigs!!" They said.. My first RGX festival @gemandjam2018 unbeknownst to me it would change EVERYTHING from how I view harm reduction

to the differences between being extremely funded and NOT! But the one thing I never expected was to get out of my van and lock eyes with the most beautiful being I have ever seen, no words other than "hey I'm Emily!" All I could mutter out in response.. "Hey I'm Ty, I'm a hugger!" And just like that... The world melted away and time has gone with it.

No intentions were ever set.. Yet here we are 20,000+ miles, The Shugawooks created and an entire country circled (for the most part)
*gem and jam
*Beyond wonderland
*shakti festival
*serenity gathering
*Edc Vegas
*lightning in a bottle
*Electric forest (both weeks)
*Bhakti festival
*Escape psycho circus
Most people can only dream of this past year, but for me, you made the reality and the ✔ worth it all..

Through the roughest of times you kept your cool even when you absolutely didn't have to. I love you beyond the balance of the universe. I am more than enamored by your talent and ability to love whole heartedly through all the layers! Thank you for being the best partner in life, and I am incredibly excited to start this new chapter with you! Love you babe 👽 ❤ And a shout out to our RGX fam, THANK YOU for being the community that consistently supports us. ❤ 

If you find our story moving or would like to learn more on how you can help bring harm reduction further along please feel free to contact us! Donations are always welcomed since our friends at RGX medical are volunteer based!

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