Setting those intentions!!

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Setting those intentions!!

Envision Festival N.E.S.T. Harm Reduction team 2020
I want to share with you a snippet into my Envision Festival experience! While I may talk of it frequently, some may not know exactly what I do in terms of #harmreduction at events and specifically music festivals. 
This beautiful position or calling quite literally fell into my lap around 4 years ago, after dealing with and letting go of an absolute mental and physically negative relationship with not only a spouse but also my best friend. One was incredibly manipulative and the other a blackout alcoholic without a care in the world. After subsequently finding #GroundControl93 through that same friend my festival journey really took off. After my very first show #EDCnewyork with this amazing team I was hooked, finding any way possible to get to the next show.  I had become addicted to the feeling of helping others, but what I hadn't noticed in those early experiences was that I truly needed these experiences to get through my own trauma. 
Flash forward through the endless conversations, tears and fears and everything else that comes along with problem solving in today's world! Here I am, in Costa Rica. Not only being part of the amazing NEST Harm Reduction & Consulting team but helping lead harm reduction to it's next step of #Integrativewellness with some of the most compassionate people in the world.
But even with all the help and the best team, things can get incredibly overwhelming.  Being pulled in every direction, a million questions at a time, the heat, the sweat and the overwhelming thought of "have I eaten today?" And the constant thought of how the person/people are coping with the experiences they are having in our sanctuary space.
But luckily as usual, the universe provides.  This day had started specifically quick, the second I was back on site the emergent tone of the day was already being set, with use of plant medicine to calm a stingray bar on an attendee, luckily obtainable by a local neighbor.  Within an hour I had already handled several tasks, including watching the sweat roll from my brow onto my muddy boots.  Just as the next dropped splashed to the ground, I felt a familiar hand on my shoulder.  It was none other than Andrew Annunciation, one of the most calm natured guys I have ever met, with the most hysterical and down right authentic laughs I have ever heard.  
He said " Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for letting me leave shift early to catch that Kundalini course yesterday.  It really meant a lot to me!"
"Absolutely" I exclaimed, secretly wishing I had done the same. 
Within a second he whipped out a bag of cacao from his company, he grabbed a huge chunk from the bag, held it out and said,
"This is from my company, it is incredibly strong, I'd like for you to take 10 minutes to yourself and set some intentions for the day." 
Not really knowing why I should say no to this, I graciously accepted this gift and said " I will, I will do that right now! Thank you so much!! " 
Without taking a second to wait, I put all my belongings down, (which had not been done yet) and said to my cohorts that I'd be back in a few and took off with a handful of magic to set some true intentions for the day.  
This entire experience stems from some unfortunate experiences that I had not processed between our experiences in Oregon, the death of my Grandmother and the fear of leaving the country in our current society.  I was truly, truly grateful for the moment of reflection that was just handed to me by such a kind and genuine person.  
I walked over to a great shade space created by a massive tree near the Sol stage where I had just heard some jazz like music which made me immediately start thinking of Mardi Gras.  Which I was missing for the 4th year in a row, that in itself is such a step for me, a step of growth and change of scenery.
I closed my eyes and sat sturdy with my back straight and tailbone rooted to the earth while I took a HUGE breath in.  Another and another followed.  Head faced up to the blue jungle sky my eyes open to one of my favorite musicians of all time.
 Nahko and Medicine for the people had started doing a sound check, he was singing "Garden."
(If you've never heard this song I highly suggest it, you can find it here >>>
If you know me in the slightest, you can only imagine how internally correct the timing was for this.  Synchronicity is by far the most magical thing in our experiment of life, and this was yet another perfect example. 
The lyrics read:
 Miles and miles the tongues of the ocean
Tarmac and teenagers tears
Life it just happen those roads an the lessons
Always from tears I feared
When I was young
I care for no one
I have my fun
What I was broken
Piece by piece
Stone by stone
What is beneath
Is above as below
Where is my home?
Where is my garden?
When I'm alone
I am surrounded
Love whit condition a family tradition
Don't make it right or wrong
Now for the reverse of pain to you endure
You were the strongest one
When you were young
Life was a struggle
No one would come
To easy trouble
Piece by piece
Stone by stone
What is beneath
Is above as below
We'll build a home
We'll build a garden
When we get old
Will we stay open?
Open, open, will we stay open?
You are my home
You are my garden
When we get old
We will stay open?
Open, open, we will stay open?
Like I said this entire experience was based on so many things, including synchronicity's that I didn't even realize I set into motion myself as a child.  Growing up beach side with nothing but sadness to drown my sorrows of being a different type of human.   When I was broken my grandmother often held the space that no one else quite understood, not that I'm certain she did either but her door was always open.  And her garden was always flowing with a wealth of knowledge, and adventures unknown.  Now that she is gone, where is my home? Where will this garden grow?
Having that single moment of pure and simple ecstasy of my favorite musician singing my favorite song to me while setting my intentions for the day.  The download from this entire experience will take far more than one session to get through but here we are, and I am OPEN!!  Open to paths unknown and experiences beyond the dreams of my younger self.  
Coming home to the warmth of sweetest lover I've known was truly the best outcome from such an experience.  I am so blessed to have had such the experience and will continue to learn and grown from each.  Even more blessed to have this kind of community at the helm of progression in our community. 
If you can't feel the change, then change the channel.  You hold the remote to life, no channels are blocked, you have all access to the changes you want to make in life. I highly suggest flipping through all the channels before sticking to the same routine, these are not the days of our lives... these are the lives of our day!
Thank you for all your continued support over these last few years, it has gone by in a flash but we aren't stopping any time soon.  Please check out our shop @ and support our business, so we can continue to bring emotional support ad harm reduction services to events near and far.  We are all one community!

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