What's News Vol. 2

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What's News Vol. 2

ShugaWooks hit the Homestead!

We have had a great time this past couple weeks, putting Van Life on pause for the cause, lol!  While we absolutely love our Nomadic lifestyle we have learned that taking time away from it is incredibly healthy.  We can't say it has been easy, slowing down and abiding by civil rules has proven quite complicated while also somewhat amusing.  Case in point, this amazing photo was taken our first night in this beautiful home that was so graciously offered by our dear friend Margaux.  As the fire alarm proceeded to scream at us for change it became very clear that we had made the right choice.  

I can't explain the gut wrenched feeling of stepping out of my comfort zone, stepping away from something that I have spent the past two years building and rebuilding.  Growing and growing throughout the universe, traveling to places I had only dreamed of, meeting thousand and thousand of humans I would have never had the chance to meet if I had not taken the stand against my own self consciousness.  

Growing is on the Agenda!!!

If you have ever read our blogs, posts or know us in the slightest, you know how incredibly passionate we are about recycling, eating healthy and being green in general.  So we decided to put our hands in the dirt while we have the chance, here we've started growing some Kale from seeds and used an old cookie container (half moon cookies from Trader Joe's) as an awesome seed starter.  It only took a few days for these beauties to start sprouting up tall and proud, we'll be moving them to larger pots soon.  We also decided to save some sad looking tomato and bell pepper plants from an untimely death at Lowe's.  

The best part of growing together is learning how to love and cherish not only what is around you but how everything is involved with each other.  Now every morning I get up, let the pupper out and water the plants, I speak to them, to the birds watching me, to the crows flying high, to the bugs near by.  I ask the wind to take it easy so they have time to flourish, I ask the sun not to beat down on them and allow for the chance to grow into sustainable food sources.  These things may sound crazy to some but, who is it hurting?  

ShugaWooks in Action

Now that we have a bit of space we can dedicate more time to creating the magical things we dream of! We have been able to secure quite a few markets and Art walks in the SoCal region. Our main dream is to one day be able to vend at major festivals, while also continue helping our community by offering harm reduction services.  

While it doesn't look like much, it is just enough to get the creative juices flowing from my hands to yours.  Making custom staffs, skate decks, wall art and more is by far the coolest feeling artistically, the love and gratuity people show for something custom, made for them based off of a small conversation is a truly amazing feeling.  Hopefully this time here will allow me to get ahead of the game for next years festival circuit!! Check out everything we have available at theshugawooks.com

What's Next????

We have had an AMAZAZING 2019 so far with our Ground Control family  starting out with the far out aliens of Countdown, we headed down the rabbit hole with Beyond Wonderland keeping everyone happy, healthy and hydrated along the way! Next I took a solo trip to Lucidity Gathering, while Emily healed up a bit, I got to meet some other amazing people in the harm reduction community, known as the Guardians.  Working with the on site medical crew I was able to really see how communication between all departments can really help serious situations.  After an amazing weekend in Santa Barbara I headed back to L.A. scooped up Emily and headed to one of our favorite festivals of the year, Lightning in a Bottle.  Getting to work with our Zendo family is always such a pleasure and we value every moment of the experience.  What an amazing weekend that was, full of friends old and new, but it wasn't long after we would be heading to the largest rave in the world EDC Las Vegas!!! Electric Daisy Carnival is always one for the books but this year we pushed all the limits.  Over 150K people each night, creating some of the best vibes I have ever witnessed.  Unfortunately the weather wasn't as stoked to be under the electric sky as we were, but we stayed strong in the Oasis, with Project #OpenTalk.  This amazing group of people really went above and beyond to take care of each and every headliner, from ear plugs to hugs, we got you.  

Project Z was an amazing show to start off our crazy summer session, with the Bass Rush stage getting everyone lit, it was an awesome sight to see! Next up we get to go to places we've never seen, and we couldn't be more EXCITED about it.  Above & Beyond Weekender at the Gorge in Washington is a serious dream come true, we couldn't be happier to be a part of such an amazing team to break new barriers and grow to new locations.  It is going to be HARD to get ready for the following weeks after LOL!  HARD Summer is literally one of the hardest shows of the season, with it being the hottest part of the yeeaar keeping hydrated is key! Slipping into Nocturnal Wonderland will be easy but not easy to say goodbye to the Glen Helen Amphitheater.  With its amazing scenery and angelic vibrations it will truly be a spectacle for the ages! 

Closing Thoughts


 While we are truly, truly thankful for the gifts we receive, we remind ourselves to be just that, be yourself throughout it all.  Tough times seemingly pull us through a range of emotions, it can be overwhelmingly hard to be yourself.  Create your own space that allows for the chance of breath to regain your peace of mind, your breath is the only thing that carries you, without it you are just a shell.  Don't be afraid to take the space, it's not for everyone to understand.  



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