The un-earthing of society

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The un-earthing of society

Ever since I was a small child I knew I was different, different in so many ways.  Like most children I loved playing in the dirt, the rich smell of soil from the gulf coast bayous triggered something in my brain. Lending the ability to connect the sweet smell of a southern afternoon down poor about to ensue. The earth spoke to me in the wind, driving my imagination wild. Watching the tall pines whip back and forth through a mighty hurricane. Snap! Pop! Crack! The thud of a monsterous tree falling actually makes no sound when it is in the hands of the wind, it is laid down gently as if Mother Gaia herself tucked it in to bed. 

She whispers to it's roots, your shade has been plentiful, your seeds have been spread.  Now it is time to rest your head.  It's roots now exposed to life above ground, to house and nest the animals all around. It's life is never ending just un-earthed.

We as humans are the trees to the universe, our ability to flow and change is the greatest of our abilities until, we snap.  But we will not be laid down softly by the winds of the earth. The same winds that allow us to flow and move also break us apart into a billion pieces of a moving puzzle. When we fall we land on concrete and bricks, and wonder why the puzzle never fits. The pieces we procure are of things long ago, we must dig deeper through the crumbles of man. Get back to the earth, she is calling out gravely, her life is in serious danger!! 

They feed our minds with technology pushing the temporary files through our receptors, but they've hit the overload. All systems fail.





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I feel the dirt on my fingers, I can taste the salty bay breeze in the air, I smell the sweet aroma of a summer rain on the horizon. I see, the new world un-earthed before me. I am home again.


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