Vanlife & How IT Chose Me

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Vanlife & How IT Chose Me

The deets...

Just like any other typical millenial I was drowning in a sea of materialistic "happiness".  A house I couldn't afford, a car payment that was out of this world and not to mention trying to stay happy. I thought I was doing what I was "supposed" to do.  But just like the rest of my generation I knew it had to be better than this.

Our generation was raised on the forefront of technology, forcing us to see what was in front of us, on screens and monitors telling us what we should see and do. After doing and following for so many years, through so many struggles I found my chance to escape. 

After finding myself on the short end of a long precipice, I realized I was drowning, drowning in a sea of so many looking for the same way out. As the country was falling even further into the depth of its current status, I had to get out.

This choice truly wasn't easy for me personally, the aging of my parents really had an impact on me. Even though we agree on absolutely nothing, the me inside instantly thought "who's going to help with the heavy lifting" "who will be able to immediately help if something were to happen" and the ultimate "I've never really left the south." 

Then the thought occurred to me... Why not do something for MYSELF.  In that same time an opportunity had appeared to do something I had never really done and that was to join my favorite work fam at EDC in Vegas!! Transitioning my life into the realm of Harm reduction. In those few weeks that followed, I completed a treacherous journey from Louisiana to Arizona, Vegas to Michigan, and finally back to my friends in New Orleans. 

It was during that month long treck that I realized what those screens and monitors had hidden from us all along! The vast deserts leading to the greenest of green open spaces, mountain tops and endless empty parking lots. The thought of everything I had ever known slipped away. There is a whole world waiting. 

I was on a mission from that point on.. I'm getting a VAN!!!

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