2020 Vision!

Big changes are happening this year for all of us, as we confront huge issues both in the collective, as well as in our personal lives. 

With all the challenges, shadows, and awakenings that 2020 has brought us so far, it's no wonder that many people are seeing their values, goals, and daily actions shift in a major way.

 As many of our friends know, we met with some pretty hefty personal challenges this year ourselves! (More on this coming soon--keep an eye on our blog!) Which, despite the intense difficulty we faced, ultimately brought us some much needed clarity and perspective--along with forcing us to make some radical changes in direction!

Where we once had immense freedom, we now have more stability. Where we once had minimalism, we now have increased space & ability...

That's right-- we sold our van and moved into a house on acreage!!! We are BEYOND thrilled and incredibly grateful for this opportunity to finally grow some roots; both metaphorically and literally.

The way we see it, one of the most radical things we can do right now to work towards environmental and social justice and sustainability, as well as individual sovereignty, is to grow our own food.

We have both been interested in permaculture for awhile now and the ways in which it can help both our planet and our communities, and now we finally get to try it out on our own land. We have a lot to learn!!!! But with open hearts and grateful spirits, we are currently doing the work, getting our hands dirty, and taking steps to live off of the land in a way that truly honors ALL life. We are currently working to transform this property both inside and out, into a place that not only nourishes and sustains us (and others!) physically, but also creatively, emotionally, and spiritually. Our vision is to bring an oasis of art, food, and LOVE to our geographical community.

Thank you so much for reading, and for supporting this massive undertaking!!!

If you would like to know how you can be involved, or further assist us in bringing this vision to life, please send us a message!