April Andromeda

Poetry. Performance. Movement. Art.

Flow Arts: LED Hoop, Double hoops, Silk Fans.

Workshop: Finding "Flow", Poetry in Movement, Expression over Perfection.

"What calls me to dance is my own Becoming.

I am moved by the core of my being

To follow the pulsing breath through my limbs and spine

As it unravels in time to the music of pure love vibrating in my bones.

The more I listen, the more I understand my purpose in this dream of existence.

My role as Dancer is both Storyteller and High Priestess,

Worshipping the Goddess and the gods within us all,

Sharing my devotion through the mixing of Temple with Circus,

And the marriage of Purity with Decadence.

My body, both my church and my Theatre;

My face, both window and mirror."

--April Andromeda.


Book April Andromeda for your next gathering!

Whether you need a spicy light-show for your EDM event, an engaging entertainer for children's birthday parties, a model for an art project, or a dancer at a festival, April Andromeda is the versatile performer that not only puts on a show, but also co-creates with YOU!
Contact: email us at Shugawooks@gmail.com or connect on Facebook / Instagram!

MISSION: To bring harmony, resonance, and healing to the center stage by creating poetry and live performance that embody authenticity and inspire a deepening sense of self-love and acceptance for all.