What is a Shuga-Wook?

You may have heard of a Wook, but what about a ShugaWook?

We coined this term of endearment for each other in the beginning of our courtship, playfully reclaiming the often-derogatory slang into a more positive idea of a penniless, travelling festival-loving character who just might surprise you with all they have to offer... 

Living on the road out of our '94 conversion van, we came up with the idea for our little art business that combined our artistic forces and appreciation for an alternative lifestyle founded on working with what we have--a movement away from over-consumerism and toward service, community and self-expression. We wanted to create beautiful pieces that would not only bring healing and inspiration to those who crossed our path, but also keep us in alignment with our values of minimalism and respect for nature.

For the last 2 and a half years, we have passionately followed our hearts all around the U.S. working and volunteering at music festivals as part of various harm-reduction teams; keeping attendees safe, holding space, sharing education, and spreading love, while slinging art along the way. This project has not only helped us get from points A. to B. but also kept us focused on our overall dreams and goals to bring positive change to the world on an even larger scale.