Custom Patchwork Belt with Phone Attatchment

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Featured are 2 EXAMPLES of our patchwork utility belt with side pocket and phone pocket leg attachment.

These are made to order and created from upcycled material, colors will vary unless specific colors are requested. (Keep in mind these are made from upcycled material and not all color options are available.) 

Ordering one of these amazing pieces is easy.

First pick your colors!

Secondly, we just need a few simple measurements (photo 3). Simply acquired by taking a string or measuring tape. Measure tightly around the waist (where you would like it to sit,) then the length you would like the attachment to the upper thigh (where you want the top of the phone to rest) and lower thigh (where the bottom of the phone will rest, typically a few inches above the knee.)

Third, sit back and wait for the magic to arrive!!

Again these are custom, hand made belts made to order. Average 2 week turn around time.